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Such fun to have my 10 year old as JDRF’s feature in this months Team JDRF newsletter!




Post from Logan about Friends for Life

I asked Logan to say a few sentences in his own 10 year old words about his FFL experience this year but it couldn’t include sports central or food. Here’s what he said:

Friends for Life is like entering a whole new world with your Type 1 friends. We all love the mystery of who is beeping when a sensor is alerting. I love the magic of it being on Disney property, it makes the conference more special.

I love being in the exhibit hall where I get to talk to the people who are there for the products I use, then they give me swag so I can remember them all year. The Tween program had choices of things to do. We got to play and do lots of fun activities with our friends.

Most of all, I love the security of all the other parents that can see if you are low or just need a hug. I don’t always see my mom all day but there are so many other people that are watching out for me. And when I need my mom, like when I pulled my pod off at the tween dance, she’s there in no time at all.

In summary, sports central and the carb counts on food is not all that FFL is about. It’s about friends, family and being around people that have Type 1 too.

Adventures with Omnipod

Sometimes we have a perfectly “normal” day and then diabetes tries to throw us a curveball.
Logan’s pod ran out of insulin while we were in Chicago at a mall, we had been using tons due to some blood sugar craziness the day prior and it ran out early. I bet diabetes thought that it would ruin our plans to see Cars 3 but it didn’t know that I had a pod and insulin in my purse since we were traveling. Changing a pod in the middle of a mall wasn’t the most fun thing I ever did but I’m thankful we were prepared and were able to move on in 10 minutes.

Diabetes-0, Mom 1. Take that Diabetes!

Stay tuned for next week’s update, live from the FFL event!

Logan’s 9 year Diaversary 7/11/17

As we are working towards our goals for Logan’s 10 year diaversary project, I don’t want to lose sight of his 9 year milestone coming up in July. Logan will be a bit melancholy that day as this year the date doesn’t fall into the Friends for Life event timing. We plan on throwing a little party late July (details to follow if you live in CT) but I’d love for some of you to send him a card if you like to cheer him on with this accomplishment. He’s come such a long way this year and is my little hero! Please join us in celebrating with him!

Also, if you contribute $9 , $90 or anywhere in between to his CWD Friends for Life 2018 run (to raise money for the 2018 kids program) you can win a pair of Nick Jonas headphones in a signed box! Winner will be drawn on his diaversary on 7/11/17! If you are in CT we will also have a separate drawing that day for tickets to the CT science center!

You can also choose to support Beyond Type 1 instead, who has an awesome penpal program for kids, tons of parent resources and is funding a national DKA awareness campaign. Same deal, donate before 7/11/17 and you can win a pair of Nick Jonas earbuds in a signed box!

As always, thanks for supporting Logan, whether with a card to cheer him on or a donation to one of his fundraising runs. We know some amazing people and appreciate all of you!



EBK cheers on Bike Beyond

We had an amazing opportunity to head down to NYC on June 4th to see the Bike Beyond Team before they took off on their 10 week ride to San Francisco to raise awareness and critical funds for Beyond Type 1. It was incredibly inspiring for Logan to meet with the 20 Type 1 team members especially the youngest team member Abby.  The excitement was contagious as they dipped their bikes in the water and then took off on their journey!  He asks every morning and night if she or Bike Beyond posted updates on instagram account and we have had some great conversations about the challenges that they could face and the epic adventures they will have. He can’t wait to see them on the skype chat that he will view when he’s at Friends for Life in July! He’s trying to convince me to take him to the finish line in August…..

Feel free to read up on their mission and trip plans on

Logan and I are also signed up to run for Beyond Type 1 in the Abbott 5K in November in NYC. This will help raise funds for the Jerry the Bear program, penpal program, DKA awareness campaign and so much more. Feel free to join our team and run with us if you are able or donate here:

To a cure!


WFSB Sports Story on the racetruck!

Great piece on Tony Lafo Racing, local Higganum race truck driver who is donating part of his race winnings this year to the nonprofit Logan is fundraising for, Children with Diabetes Friends for Life! Logan has a brief spot in the interview as well!
Logan met Nick Jonas last month and had him sign some of his new headphones/earbuds to use for fundraising. If you donate this month to Logan’s Children with Diabetes race fundraising, you will be entered to win a pair of Nick Jonas headphones in a signed box!



What is Type 1 Diabetes?

I have had to explain quite a bit lately what Type 1 Diabetes is and isn’t. Check out these two awesome one page posters created by Beyond Type 1. Know the warning signs, it can save a life!



Belle of the Ball

Logan had a fantastic time as a youth ambassador at the JDRF ball on Saturday night! This is the 3rd year he participated. He loves selling the raffle tickets, delivering the flowers to the live auction winners and being on stage. The tux and tie are his favorite part, I may have a future CEO in the making! I love that they have this program for kids, where they can be involved in their own special way and help to make a difference!



EBK visits the race truck!

EBK stopped by to see the truck last night and hang out with “the guys” for a bit. I really should find more motivating weeknight events as the kid plowed through his homework 🙂

As a final reminder you have until Friday at noon to donate $15 or more to win one of the below items:
2 tickets to see Hans Zimmer at Foxwoods on July 23rd OR
2 tickets to the New England Air Museum OR
4 passes to the Lutz Childrens Museum
Non CT peeps-you will be entered to win a $25 Starbucks GC.