Article: 10 kids thriving with Type 1

Check out this awesome article about kids that are thriving with their Type 1 and educating/advocating. Proud that Logan is featured! The writer is an awesome Type 1 role model, proud to have met her and her crew at Friends for Life!

10 and a half year old Logan has quite the impressive resume. After his MMR Vaccine he was sick with a fever for a few days. Shortly after, he started drinking a lot of water, and he was barely eating. He was also sleeping in in the mornings, so that was their sign to call the pediatrician. Luckily, they have a great medical team who recognized the symptoms right away.

Diagnosed at only 17 months, he has thrived with Type 1 in amazing ways. Again, at 10 years old, these are all the things he’s fundraised for: Friends for Life, Riding on Insulin, JDRF Promise Ball, JDRF 5K Endurance Team, Beyond Type Run 5K. This past year, it was also because of Logan’s initiative that everyone at the Friends for Life conference got Mickey Bars! He also says he’s a Beyond Type 1 Bike Beyond groupie. I say he’s a go-getter.

This guy’s got a lot of hobbies. He collects coins, baseball cards, stuffed animals, stamps, Disney pins, hot wheels, and many more. He also likes Monster Trucks, Lego, art, traveling, biking, and lots of stickers! When he goes low, his favourite snacks are cookies, but most of the time mom makes him have juice.

Logan is proud that we have a Type 1 community and he’s not just a “lone dog”. He also says he’s proud that he’s able to fundraise and help educate his family and friends.

I asked Logan if he could tell the whole world one thing about Diabetes, what would it be? “I want the world to know what it is so I don’t have to explain it to people all the time and then everyone can help find a cure.”



Hi everyone. Many of you know that I was involved in launching the Beyond Type 1 DKA Awareness campaign in CT. I’m happy to announce that the mailing has been received by over 700 pediatric offices in CT! This campaign is so important for early diagnosis of Type 1 and early diagnosis of DKA in our Type 1’s!

As part of Logan’s 10 year diaversary plan,we are fundraising for Beyond Type 1 as a stretch goal. This will raise funds for this critical campaign and bring it to other states! If you are able, please donate $10 or $100, that’s a dollar or $10 for each year Logan has been managing his Type 1. Together we can help raise awareness of DKA to minimize the number of children hospitalized each year. As I went to bed last night, I was reading the story of yet another child fighting for their life in a hospital room due to their community not knowing the signs. Help us change that today!

Volunteering at the JDRF Ride

Part of our 10 year diaversary celebration is finding various events where we can volunteer our time as well in the diabetes community that provide an opportunity for Logan to learn and grow. We chose the JDRF ride in Saratoga NY this past weekend as one of those occasions. Logan and I volunteered at the finish line from 10am until after 6pm when the last riders rolled in. It was a long hot day and a big lesson on perseverance and sticking to your commitments! There was a lineup of kids for the first couple of hours and they were adorable as they raced to give out medals. After that, Logan, an older kid from NY and this adorable girl from Vermont were the last men standing for a while. We took lots of water breaks and had the opportunity to chat with other volunteers.

He met this awesome nursing student who traveled up from Yale to volunteer at the medical tent and happens to be running in the Disney event for JDRF in January (the same event we are attending!). We met a dad from Oregon who volunteered all day while his son was riding. A super cool JDRF Vermont staff member whose kids were super entertaining as they waited for their dad to come through the finish line.

We had some finish line anticipation of our own! As we posted previously, we met the CT/MA riders a couple of weeks ago after one of their practice rides. Logan couldn’t wait for them to come through so he could personally give them their medals (and in some cases, a giant hug!). He also was waiting for Team Schnak, a bike driven by Kent S, this amazing man who travels around the country educating about Type 1 and awareness of the signs for diagnosis. Kent gave Logan his medal and autographed it, a true treasure that he will have forever. We had the opportunity to spend some time with him at the finish line and thereafter. JDRF should be incredibly thankful that they have Kent riding for them, he’s an amazing advocate!

When we wrapped up our weekend, we reflected on the experience and Logan asked for a new bike for Christmas so he can practice riding to join the team when he’s 13. My bike will remain in storage but as I saw this weekend there is an amazing crew to ride with him!

Bike Beyond

Check out this article about how Bike Beyond came into our lives! So grateful for the experience we had both at the start line and finish line with “our people” and the new friends we have met along the way.

We are fundraising for our November 5K which Logan and I are both running for Beyond Type 1. BT1 has an awesome penpal program for kids, has a give a bear program to get Jerry bears to families that can’t afford them, tons of advocacy and of course towards a cure! Join us on our team and run with us or donate if you can!

Fundraising Update

Logans 10 year diaversary goal update (original post with his goals in case you are bored
ROI:Thanks to the fundraiser at Central Rock Gym last week and a match we applied for, our small goal to fund camp for a kid at Riding on Insulin is met! (Classy won’t show it as it’s a check). GOAL MET
JDRF: goal is met at $2170 until Barry steps up his fundraising later in the fall (game on, Barry, we are on to you and prepping now for November).
Beyond Type 1: at $503 out of $1000. Not bad considering our competing priorities so we are halfway there! Pretty sure we will beat this goal anyway, who doesn’t love BT1, they just rock!
CWD: Because of some checks that won’t show on Classy, we are at approximately $4331 which is almost halfway there as well!
Whew, this kid keeps us busy! Thanks to all who have been participating in our fun fundraisers or contests, and all who will in the future. Remember, a donation to any of these is tax deductible!

Lularoe fundraiser!

Logan and I will be running a 10K in January to fundraise for Children with Diabetes, the organization that runs Friends for Life events.
Shop till you drop from 6am on August 7th until midnight on August 14th. When you purchase your items (Disney included!!) and mark them sold, use code CWD for our fundraiser. Lularoe Smarties will donate $1.50-$3.00 for every piece purchased. Lularoe corporate will match that as long as we reach $100 donated. Be sure to invite lots of people and share the event so we reach our goal. This isn’t a huge fundraiser for CWD but if you are buying Lula anyway, why not buy it through our fundraiser and help support an awesome nonprofit!

The actual sale will take place in the Lularoe Smarties group on Facebook:
You will need to join that group on August 7th to shop. It’s an amazing group of people and you are welcome to join the group before the fundraiser but your sale won’t count towards CWD until 6am on August 7th.

If you are not on Facebook and want to participate, here is the non facebook link to shop! It doesn’t have everything so email your size and I will have her take pics of the rest of her FB inventory in that size!

Children With Diabetes provides support, education, and inspiration to families and people of all ages living with diabetes. As an advocate and global resource, they empower those living with diabetes to enjoy long, enriched lives. 100% of any donation received goes towards an activity for youth at the July 2018 event. You can donate directly through our run site or by mailing a check to:
Children with Diabetes, Inc.,Elbowbumpkid Fundraising, 8216 Princeton-Glendale Road, PMB 200, West Chester, OH 45069-1675

Beyond Type Run

A reminder that Logan and I are running in the Abbott 5K for Beyond Type 1 on November 5th in NYC. Should be great practice for anyone running the Disney races or if you just wanted to run a cool 5K in NYC. Sign up to be on our team:

Sign up for a 5K race entry here-

Then go to Beyond Type 1 and click on join my team on the left side of page (don’t create your own pages unless it’s under my team):

Hope to see you there! I’m not a morning person so I will have a cup of coffee in hand at the start line!