Fundraising Update

Logans 10 year diaversary goal update (original post with his goals in case you are bored
ROI:Thanks to the fundraiser at Central Rock Gym last week and a match we applied for, our small goal to fund camp for a kid at Riding on Insulin is met! (Classy won’t show it as it’s a check). GOAL MET
JDRF: goal is met at $2170 until Barry steps up his fundraising later in the fall (game on, Barry, we are on to you and prepping now for November).
Beyond Type 1: at $503 out of $1000. Not bad considering our competing priorities so we are halfway there! Pretty sure we will beat this goal anyway, who doesn’t love BT1, they just rock!
CWD: Because of some checks that won’t show on Classy, we are at approximately $4331 which is almost halfway there as well!
Whew, this kid keeps us busy! Thanks to all who have been participating in our fun fundraisers or contests, and all who will in the future. Remember, a donation to any of these is tax deductible!

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