Post from Logan about Friends for Life

I asked Logan to say a few sentences in his own 10 year old words about his FFL experience this year but it couldn’t include sports central or food. Here’s what he said:

Friends for Life is like entering a whole new world with your Type 1 friends. We all love the mystery of who is beeping when a sensor is alerting. I love the magic of it being on Disney property, it makes the conference more special.

I love being in the exhibit hall where I get to talk to the people who are there for the products I use, then they give me swag so I can remember them all year. The Tween program had choices of things to do. We got to play and do lots of fun activities with our friends.

Most of all, I love the security of all the other parents that can see if you are low or just need a hug. I don’t always see my mom all day but there are so many other people that are watching out for me. And when I need my mom, like when I pulled my pod off at the tween dance, she’s there in no time at all.

In summary, sports central and the carb counts on food is not all that FFL is about. It’s about friends, family and being around people that have Type 1 too.


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