Logan’s 9 year Diaversary 7/11/17

As we are working towards our goals for Logan’s 10 year diaversary project, I don’t want to lose sight of his 9 year milestone coming up in July. Logan will be a bit melancholy that day as this year the date doesn’t fall into the Friends for Life event timing. We plan on throwing a little party late July (details to follow if you live in CT) but I’d love for some of you to send him a card if you like to cheer him on with this accomplishment. He’s come such a long way this year and is my little hero! Please join us in celebrating with him!

Also, if you contribute $9 , $90 or anywhere in between to his CWD Friends for Life 2018 run (to raise money for the 2018 kids program) you can win a pair of Nick Jonas headphones in a signed box! Winner will be drawn on his diaversary on 7/11/17! If you are in CT we will also have a separate drawing that day for tickets to the CT science center!


You can also choose to support Beyond Type 1 instead, who has an awesome penpal program for kids, tons of parent resources and is funding a national DKA awareness campaign. Same deal, donate before 7/11/17 and you can win a pair of Nick Jonas earbuds in a signed box!


As always, thanks for supporting Logan, whether with a card to cheer him on or a donation to one of his fundraising runs. We know some amazing people and appreciate all of you!




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