EBK cheers on Bike Beyond

We had an amazing opportunity to head down to NYC on June 4th to see the Bike Beyond Team before they took off on their 10 week ride to San Francisco to raise awareness and critical funds for Beyond Type 1. It was incredibly inspiring for Logan to meet with the 20 Type 1 team members especially the youngest team member Abby.  The excitement was contagious as they dipped their bikes in the water and then took off on their journey!  He asks every morning and night if she or Bike Beyond posted updates on instagram account and we have had some great conversations about the challenges that they could face and the epic adventures they will have. He can’t wait to see them on the skype chat that he will view when he’s at Friends for Life in July! He’s trying to convince me to take him to the finish line in August…..

Feel free to read up on their mission and trip plans on http://bikebeyond.org/.

Logan and I are also signed up to run for Beyond Type 1 in the Abbott 5K in November in NYC. This will help raise funds for the Jerry the Bear program, penpal program, DKA awareness campaign and so much more. Feel free to join our team and run with us if you are able or donate here: https://donate.beyondtype1.org/team/119716

To a cure!



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