Logan and I have been discussing formalizing his fundraising goals for this year and next. As everyone knows, we are planning a number of events to fund raise for several nonprofits and wanted to communicate his actual goals so everyone knows we have a plan in place and won’t be fundraising forever!
Logan’s 10 year diaversary is 7/11/2018. For those not in the diabetes world, that’s his anniversary with diabetes, the day on which we celebrate his life every year. We could focus on 10 years of daily testing, pump site changes, hospital/doc visits and issues with accessing care or receiving our supplies. Instead we are choosing to focus on celebrating how Logan has advocated for himself over the years at school and with friends, how he has grown to want to help others, how we have found so many organizations that help Logan thrive in his day to day diabetes life and most important, how we have made so many friends and mentors along the way! Nothing stops Logan from doing whatever he wants to do, he may just have to spend more time preparing for it because of his Type 1. He has an incredibly positive attitude about his day to day management and we are proud to be his parents!
By his 10 year diaversary Logan wants to have raised enough $ to:
1. Children with Diabetes-sponsor an afternoon break on family day July 2018, which is within days of his 10 year diaversary!! Typically that time frame has no sponsorship and he has a specific vision on the event he wants for the kids! Since the kids only see each other once a year, he wants to throw a gigantic birthday party where all the kids can play games, eat Mickey bars and leave with a special gift. More details will follow as we get close to the goal for who want to celebrate and join us for the first time!  https://www.classy.org/fundraiser/890033
2. Riding on Insulin fundraiser (2nd round): https://give.classy.org/loganlikestoski
3. Beyond Type 1GOAL MET!! donate Jerry Bears to kids that can’t afford them (25 bears=$1,000)
Originally Logan wanted to donate 100 bears but I told him we need to make realistic goals. Logan was actually in the trial in Providence where he got to play with the old Jerry the Bear and give them ideas on how to make it fabulous. I was absolutely thrilled when I saw the new affordable Jerry supported by Beyond Type 1 but even at the lower cost, some families will not be able to afford it due to medical supply costs. We hope that Logan’s fall 2017 campaign, Teddy Bears for Type 1’s, will help bring bears to more kids around the world! https://donate.beyondtype1.org/ebkmomsteam
4. Riding on Insulin-GOAL MET!!  a kid or 2 to ski camp (1 kid funded! each kid is $500)
Logan attended ROI for the first time in 2017 and loved it. He would love to help subsidize other kids whose families can’t afford the experience. Due to the other fundraisers, this goal will be met solely from fun fundraising events we are planning!
beat whatever Barry Falcon fund raises for the January 2018 JDRF run.
Barry and Logan bonded a bit during the run rally this year. Barry is an incredible guy and has participated in a ridiculous number of JDRF rides and runs. This goal is a moving target but last year Barry raised close to $2K so he’s confident he will meet that goal. I love that Logan was able to easily pick an attainable goal for JDRF. As everyone knows, JDRF fundraises for a cure and helps fund technology and other advances that improve our diabetes management tools. I was worried about this one since no matter how much he fund raises, we can’t tell people there will be a tangible goal met but how much fun is it to try to beat one of the adults? http://www2.jdrf.org/goto/loganmerwin
This was a lot but I hope taking the time to document our goals helps you to share our event posts and help us fund raise to help our Type 1 kids!


Riding on Insulin ski camp fundraiser (second round):


GOAL MET: Mom and Logan 5K for Beyond Type 1 (Jerry Bears & Pen pal program): https://donate.beyondtype1.org/ebkmomsteam

Mom 10K- https://www.classy.org/fundraiser/890013

GOAL MET ROI send a kid to camp: www.classy.org/fundraiser/992898


Stretch Goal met-Beyond Type 1 PowerUp for DKA Awareness-$250!

Disney shirt fundraiser: https://elbowbumpkid.wordpress.com/…/disney-embroidered-sh…/

Community Service projects:

  1. Collect medical supplies for TX Hurricane victims and deliver to Dr. Ponder (done 9/9/17)
  2. Volunteer at a JDRF event-done 9/16-volunteered at the Saratoga ride for cure!
  3. Volunteer at JDRF Agawam walk in October at the ride booth!

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