Disney Embroidered shirts

Before the holidays, Logan said that he and his dad wanted to work on embroidery projects together. I decided to get them a licensed Disney embroidery machine for Christmas. Logan had a bright idea to create another project for us-making embroidered Disney shirts for others as a fundraiser this year. Why not?

How this will work-Shirts will be $20 if shipped, $15 if local pickup.  The licensed designs/characters we have access to, as well as sizes available are below. We can only use those as that’s what’s licensed through Disney. You can pick 2 Disney characters for your shirt with no name, or a Disney character and your name. Let’s discuss what you need first, then you will make a donation to Logan’s run fundraiser (link to be provided. Work will start once we receive notification of the donation.  Thanks everyone! Feel free to email with any questions, we are looking forward to starting on this project! elbowbumpkid@gmail.com


Gildan Shirt sizes: Kids S, M,L, XL. Adult S, M, L-XL.



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